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Luke Harrald is an experimental composer,  from Adelaide, South Australia.

Luke's work is inspired by nature, exploring its workings to define form.

Real-time generation is an important aspect of this work placing the focus on performer and audience experience and defying established notions of art-object.

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'Hidden City' performing live in the opening of the 2008 Adelaide Festival of Arts, February 29th 2008. Featuring: Stephen Whittington (piano), Derek Pascoe (sax), Lauren Sutter (Commodore 64) Seb Tomczak (Abelton Live) Luke Harrald (Generative IPD software over a network of 5 computers + projections) Emily Tulloch (violin), Karen De Nardi (viola) and Hilary Kleinig (Cello). Mixed by Christian Haines.
New Music Groups:

An active contributor to the Adelaide  new music scene, Luke has been involved in the following new music groups: 

Tyndall Assembly
(Tristan Louth-Robins,
Tyndall Assembly)

Sight Specific Music
(PJ Noack and Lilly Leaver)

The Project Series
(Michael Yuen, Tom Szucs & Christian Haines)

Music of Transparent Means (Alex Carpenter)

ACME New Music Co.

Recent News

Last Friday, Luke performed in "The Imaginary Menagery", an event he directed as part of the opening of the 2008 Adelaide Festival of Arts. The event featured 3 sets by experimental electro-acoustic band 'Hidden City', with additional members from the Zephyr String Quartet

Attracting an audience of around 1000 people in Elder Hall, we were thrilled to perform in front of such a big crowd. We are grateful to the Elder Conservatorium of Music for their kind support.

The three sets featured free improvisation, and Luke's interactive software, which triggered samples and beamed pre-composed score fragments to the string players accross a wireless network in response to Derek's saxophone playing.

Projections generated by Luke through a combination of data mining and Game Theory also featured on the walls of Elder Hall throughout each set.

A video of 10 minutes of the third set can be viewed here

'CONflict' (2004) by Luke Harrald & Hugh McLean as presented in Project 3 Street Cinema, 2006 Adelaide Festival of Arts.

'Irene's Myth' performed live as part of the Sight Specific Music concert series, Greenaway Gallery, Kent Town (2005).

Above: two stills from the Imaginary Menagerie projections.

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